1976 : Creation of HELI AIR MONACO by Ministerial decree no. 76-121 of 19 March 1976. Launch of the first regularly scheduled helicopter flights between Nice and the Principality of Monaco with one (two-seat) helicopter.

1980 : Creation of the International Heliport of Monaco by Sovereign Ordinance.

1976 to 1984 :  The helicopter fleet increase to 4, with the number of passengers rising from 745 to 40,000 year.

1983 : Service includes some twenty private vehicles to collect and convey passengers to and from their place of reseidence, making it possible for passengers to be transferred directly from the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport to their homes in the Principality

Until 1991 : The helicopter line company acquires new aircrafts, making it the only company in the area with twin-engine helicopters. The number of passengers transferred stands at 80,000 a year

1991 to 2000 : The number of passengers remains stable, growing from 90,000 to 100,000. The fleet of helicopters progresses to ten craft (Ecureuil, Dauphin).

2000 to 2008 : The number of passengers transported reaches 100,000. The fleet increases thanks to new, less noisy, less polluting and more environmentally friendly craft : a new- generation EC 130 B4 and a twin-engine As 355. At the end of 2007, the total number of passengers transported reached 2,300,000 in 30 years, a record considering the specificity of this type of transport. Regular service between Nice and Monaco has become a worldwide reference in the helicopter transport of passengers field.

Since 2008 : The fleet of helicopters will comprise 12 craft of different types to be able to meet all clients' demands, at moderate prices.