Passengers :

From what age can we take the helicopter?

There is no minimum age required to travel by helicopter. Children under 2 years old will be equipped with special seatbelts and will travel on parents' knees.

Do you provide assistance to people with reduced mobility?

Our services will mobilize staff dedicated to persons with reduced mobility to assist them in boarding and disembarking. However, please inform our reservations department in advance


How much luggage am I allowed?

only 1 is allowed in the hold baggage per passenger.


Could i take a cabin luggage ?

A small hand luggage allowed in the cabin.


What is the maximum luggage weight?

The weight must not exceed 23 kg per bag


What is the maximum size luggage?

Standard size (55x35x25 cm)


Free shuttle at Monaco, Cannes and Saint Tropez Heliport

A shuttle can pick me up in Monaco ?

Yes, simply call +377.92.050.050 or book your shuttle at the same time as the helicopter in the booking online.

When I arrived in Monaco,Cannes or Saint Tropez, is a shuttle can drop me in town?

Heli Air Monaco offers a shuttle for all passengers arriving by helicopter .

How long before my departure by helicopter shuttle should pick me up ?

This can vary between 10 and 25 minutes before departure of the helicopter where your place of residence.

Why there isn't any shuttle in the Principality of Monaco on Sunday Grand Prix?

Sunday Grand Prix Formula 1 Monaco, access roads are closed to traffic. We can not ensure liaison with shuttles.

Booking online :

Does the online booking is secure?

The booking platform Heli Air Monaco is 100% secure. All banking transactions are made directly to our bank platform Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur. We don't keep in memory bank data on our website.

Can I book several products at the same time?

The new website of Heli Air Monaco allows you to make your reservations in the form of a "basket of" purchase. "So you can make multiple bookings simultaneously (provided you have previously created a free account our website), and pay all in one shot.

Can i begin a booking, and pay it later ?

With this new system Shopping, you can logging in with your username and password, add booking to your cart without paying immediately. You can reconnect later on our website to finalize the booking and pay.

Do I check my booking online?

Yes. By signing in the space "My Account" using your username, you can find in the menu "Your Bookings" all of your past reservations from our website.

Can i re-edit my bills online ?

Yes. By signing in the space "My Account" using your username, you can find in the menu "Your Bookings" all of your bills (PDF) associated with your booking.

Do I change my booking online?

It is possible to change its online reservation (only for the Nice - Monaco Line) by logging in to your personal "My Account" area. However, you can not change your reservation 24 hours before departure.


Why my reservations are greyed out in my cart?

In case the dates of bookings added to your shopping cart, are obsolete, the system will automatically gray out. In this case, thank you to delete your old reservations in the shopping cart, and make a new booking.